vineri, 25 mai 2018

The countdown to the full implementation of the NWO

The unelected EU Reichborg is so shaky

Merika: The orange man shows his true colours

The dark pope of Hollyshit is going down

Colonia Romania: DNA, o coada de topor complet corupta

Let Assange alone, he's literary a war hero

Get off FB now, it's a psyop against you

joi, 24 mai 2018

No day without bad news for the petrodollar

Colonia Romania: Presstituatii protv regurgiteaza propaganda de pe vremea cand mamicile lor erau virgine

Just don't invest everything you have in cryptos

Merika: The orange man is desperate to start a war in order to connect with his thug base

No peace in the Middle east: The never-ending Syrian war

Merika: A blue wave against the orange man

Colonia Romania: Inca un presstituat cu grade aservit Reichborg-ului neales UE

It's a chicken! It's a man! It's Chimera!

Is Brexit going to happen?

The unelected EU Reichborg has a new problem

miercuri, 23 mai 2018

Don't poke the Papa Bear

Colonia Romania: Construind paradisul corporatist

}n which the Tavothanian forces available against the imminent Imperial landing were only few elite units, the 1st Assault Infantry corp, the 1st Heavy Cavalry division, the 1st and 2nd Armoured Archers brigades, all camouflaged in the forests, the 7th Immortal Legion of La Guardia, formed from the Templars of Q serving in the Seven Towers, and the interdimensional cruiser L'Esperance as the Admiral Ship

Our benefactors are trashing the world with your help

War in Globalistan: What do "they" know and we don't?

A lovely day in the life of the unelected EU abomination

Ponzi schemes always come to an end

Paristan: They got enough Macron

marți, 22 mai 2018